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When it’s cold outside on The Ave and you need a cozy escape with news and coffee, there’s no more informative sanctuary than BULLDOG NEWS, your neighborhood “Newsstand of the World.”

Founded 35 years ago in 1983 when Ronald Reagan was in his first term as President and the Seattle Seahawks entered the football playoffs for the first time, Bulldog News quickly became an anchor retail store in the U District.

During the dark months of Jan / Feb / March, explore this season’s illuminating “Store to Adore” Bulldog News in the U District.

  • LOCATION: 4208 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 (the Ave)
  • HOURS: Mon-Fri 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Sat/Sun 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

As described more eloquently on Bulldog’s website, “Our stores create an open and welcoming environment…By providing a comprehensive selection of periodicals and a gathering place for coffee and conversation, Bulldog News encourages a convening of perspectives…When the public space is illuminated by our shared values, we become visible to one another as individuals, rather than potential antagonists or allies. We also gain both the opportunity and the obligation to be our best selves. This is why we ask you to help make Bulldog News the place where your neighborhood meets the world.”

If the weather is too yucky to venture outside at all, Bulldog News is still there for you.   You can order your favorite publications online from them – even just single issues  – by CLICKING HERE.

As many of you know, The Ave in the U District is under assault by City Hall’s narrow-minded obsession with upzones, fueled by profit-motivated developers and landowners who donate to political campaigns. While it makes sense to increase density around the forthcoming light rail station (scheduled for 2021 on Brooklyn Ave), it does not make sense to destroy the funky charms of The Ave by knocking down existing buildings or jacking up rents on small businesses (to pay for higher property taxes caused by the upzones). City Hall should protect, not destroy. City Hall should listen, not dictate. City Hall should embrace, not displace.

Unfortunately, City Hall is bulldozing ahead with the worst aspects of the backroom “H.A.L.A.” deal hatched by disgraced former Mayor Ed Murray, rather than collaborating with communities. City Hall is in full propaganda mode, encouraging lobbyists to demonize existing residents who raise legitimate concerns.

Fortunately, communities are fighting back. Small businesses formed “Save the Ave” which funded a study by former City Council President Peter Steinbrueck. For his presentation to City Council, CLICK HERE (and scroll to item #8). For the entire 40-page report, CLICK HERE. Based on the key findings, City Hall should NOT upzone the buildings fronting both sides of The Ave (University Way NE): 

  • 90% of the small businesses on The Ave rent their space from the landowner.
  • 65% of small businesses on The Ave are women or minority owned.
  • 56% have been operating on The Ave for more than 10 years.
  • The top concern of the business owners: “rent is high/increasing” and “gentrification”.
  • Only 22% have a positive view of the proposed upzone.

Disturbingly, The Ave is in the hands of City Councilmember Rob Johnson who never met an upzone he didn’t like. For more about concerns over Rob Johnson’s land use schemes, CLICK HERE.

NEIGHBORHOOD: See the “Fun to Enjoy” article in this 4 to Explore newsletter for more info on the funky U District. In short, you can spend an entire day exploring the U District, starting your morning with espresso at Bulldog News and ending it with beer & pizza at Big Time Brewery. To Save the Ave, contact info@bigtimebrewery.com and write all 9 of your City Councilmembers at council@seattle.gov .

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