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2013 November

Get Results

Get Results!

fallen tree 1tree removed

You deserve results from your local government. If you see graffiti, a broken sign, or have a problem with a city service in your neighborhood, call 206-684-2489 (CITY) today. The public servants at theCustomer Service Bureau are there to solve these problems. Ask for a tracking number and follow-up. You can also try the city’s new mobile phone app “Find It, Fix It” which enables you to pinpoint the location of the problem and upload photos — but calling gets results much quicker!  See the Before and After photos of the fallen tree blocking a U-District sidewalk that we got our city government to clear.

1 Meeting to Connect

City Budget Meetings

Torn between the final CITY BUDGETMEETINGS at City Hall and the final fall ARTS SHOW at Magnuson Park? If you want to speak up before your City Council decides in mid-November how to spend over $1 billion of your taxes, then bring neighbors down to City Hall. So far, the organizations accustomed to receiving dollars from our government are dominating the conversation. The Council could benefit from hearing more from our neighborhoods. Want more police on our streets? More support for our schools? Potholes filled? Speak out.  If you yearn to have the arts lift your creative spirit, then bring your neighbors to the “Best of the Northwest” Arts and Crafts Show at Magnuson Fri, Nov 8 thru Sun, Nov 10 in Hanger 30.Magnuson Park has become a growing part of our city budget as our city officials invest substantial sums there.

1 Fun to Enjoy


As Thanksgiving approaches, we think of those less fortunate and consider VOLUNTEERING.  But many of us feel too overwhelmed to carve out time from our busy lives and think “maybe next year.”  We just need a reminder that volunteering is a fun experience that uplifts our soul in addition to empowering those we are aiming to help.  Our Northeast neighborhoods are home to many nonprofits.  From Solid Ground in Wallingford to YouthCare in Bryant toChildren’s Hospital in Laurelhurst, the Northeast is a caring community, so you don’t need to go far to help your neighbor. Click onto their websites now to volunteer. If you are not able to volunteer, make a tax-deductible donation. To learn more, click onto The Seattle Foundation and United Way of King County.

1 Issue to Engage

Let’s VOTE!

The top issue of the month is clear: VOTE!  The Seattle Times endorses Ed Murray for Mayor,Rod Dembowski for County Council, andSuzanne Dale Estey for School Board.  The Times also endorses YES on Charter Amendment 19 for a City Councilmember dedicated to our neighborhoods. Continue to conduct your own research — you can start with your Voter Pamphlet. (Click Here for the official Voter Pamphlet.) Reach out to neighbors to discuss the candidates and issues. After you ask, “How about those Huskies,” try “How about those candidates for Mayor?”  Be sure to mail your ballot before the November 5 election deadline.

1 Store to Adore

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Making a delicious difference: that’s MOLLY MOON’S ICE CREAM.  We are blessed to have this store to adore in Wallingford at1622 N. 45th Street open 7 days a week from noon to 11:00 p.m. The entireWallingford business district has stores to adore — and all by foot. Park nearDick’s Burgers for lunch, walk to a film at the Guild 45th Theater, enjoy ice cream at Molly Moon’s, browse the books at theWallingford library, and get lost in the zany toys of Archie McPhee. There’s plenty more to explore on your stroll back through this gem of a neighborhood.

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