Seattle is a city of neighborhoods.
Our neighborhoods in northeast Seattle – from Wallingford to Wedgwood – are treasures we can rediscover when we just explore outside our front door. This is “4 to Explore,” a treasure map to 4 of the best things each season: 1 shop or restaurant to visit, 1 meeting to connect with neighbors, 1 fun activity to enjoy, and 1 neighborhood issue to engage. Enjoy exploring!
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Alex Pedersen

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1 Store to Adore

Fiddler’s Inn in Wedgwood

At the northern edge of the Wedgwood neighborhood, tucked away like the rustic home of a forest elf where Gandalf the Wizard might tell you to meet him, sits a gem of a pub that welcomes all with a relaxing seat, cold pint, and hot food.  If you’ve never been to the FIDDLER’S INN, head to this vintage Store to Adore and read the rest of this 4toExplore with an ale at your side. As they say on their website, “…the original owner, Walt Haines, left a career in music to start a new one with the Fiddler’s Inn. We’ve kept the historic charm…

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1 Meeting to Connect

Seriously Save Seattle’s Trees

Remember that tree you loved to climb as a kid? Several tree advocates have raised concerns that real estate speculators would be able to rip out the trees we love due to the damaging changes to our tree protection laws proposed by Councilmember Rob Johnson. The idea of protecting trees was started by a well-meaning Executive Order from then-Mayor Tim Burgess.  But some City Councilmembers, led by Rob Johnson, have twisted the positive concept so that, like “Alice in Wonderland,” up is down and down is up. The new ordinance, cynically dubbed “Trees for All,” would actually destroy more trees. While claiming to care about the environment and climate change, the current proposal would carve…

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1 Fun to Enjoy

“Full Moon Sail” with Sail Sand Point

Want to enjoy the beauty and breezes of Lake Washington at night, but you don’t know your port side from your aft? Want to finally be the captain of your own ship (or very, very small boat)? And you promise you’re not a werewolf? Then this season’s FUN TO ENJOY is for you:  “FULL MOON SAIL” WITH SAIL SAND POINT. As these Northeast Seattle sailors say on their website, “Sail Sand Point is a non-profit community boating center located in Seattle’s Magnuson Park. Our mission is to bring the joy and life-enhancing benefits of sailing and small boats to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.”…

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1 Issue to Engage

Fiscally Responsible Strategies to Reduce Homelessness

[For the briefer version of our piece published by the Seattle Times, CLICK HERE.] Whether you are outraged by our local government’s failure to reduce homelessness while your tax bills increase or your heart breaks when you see the human suffering in our public spaces, we share common ground: we all want the problem solved. This edition’s “Issue to Engage”: FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE STRATEGIES TO REDUCE HOMELESSNESS. Lack of progress, as noted in Seattle Weekly’s recent article “One Table Has No Clear Game Plan for Tackling Regional Crisis,” adds to the frustration. First, let’s continue the compassion that makes our city special.  Truly caring about the people…

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