Seattle is a city of neighborhoods.
Our neighborhoods in northeast Seattle – from Wallingford to Wedgwood – are treasures we can rediscover when we just explore outside our front door. This is “4 to Explore,” a treasure map to 4 of the best things each season: 1 shop or restaurant to visit, 1 meeting to connect with neighbors, 1 fun activity to enjoy, and 1 neighborhood issue to engage. Enjoy exploring!
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Alex Pedersen

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1 Store to Adore

Solstice Cafe

Where can you sip a delicious coffee and immerse yourself in the college scene without seeming out of place — all while savoring a cream cheese brownie? SOLSTICE CAFE is this season’s Store to Adore. As reviewed by Seattle Coffee Scene:  “Sitting at the edge of the University of Washington, the first thing that hits you when you walk into Solstice is the high energy atmosphere they’ve got going. Regardless what day of the week it is, it-always-feels-like-a-Friday when you’re at Solstice.” As they say on their website, Solstice offers “coffee, tea, beer, food, art, and events in the heart of the U District…Solstice’s open,…

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1 Meeting to Connect


Can setting up a barbecue in the middle of your street make your neighborhood safer? YES it can — on NATIONAL NIGHT OUT. On Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018 after 6 p.m. (which is also Election Day), your neighbors throughout Northeast Seattle will connect and enjoy food on their blocks. Connecting with neighbors makes everyone safer. As we know, Northeast Seattle has suffered its share of significant crime incidents, including the recent home invasion and shooting in Bryant, scary school lock-downs, frequent bank robberies (such as Key Bank in Wedgwood), and the horrific multiple shooting at Cafe Racer. This season’s “Meeting to Connect” is NATIONAL NIGHT OUT….

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1 Fun to Enjoy

Summer Story Time

Let your children soak in a summer story while you browse for books, enjoy a coffee break, or reserve lunch for the family.  Summer Story Time at Northeast Seattle bookstores and libraries can be exploring time rather than boring time when you time it with other activities. And, no matter much you crave sunshine, sometimes you and the kids just want to escape the heat. That’s why this season’s “FUN TO ENJOY” is SUMMER STORY TIME. Ravenna Third Place Books on NE 65th Street at 20th Ave NE is an ideal location for parent fun while the kids are enjoying story time because you can…

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1 Issue to Engage

Annual Community Survey 2018: We Love Hearing From You!

We Heard Your Voice and the results are HERE. Nearly 400 subscribers in Northeast Seattle completed our 14-question survey about local issues May 8-10, 2018. As you may recall, we believe public officials should “conduct official surveys and release results to the public,” as we urged in our Crosscut column entitled, “4 Ideas to Make City Hall Listen.” While our annual survey is not “official,” we hope it advances discussions and clarifies important issues impacting our communities in Northeast Seattle. For our COMMUNITY SURVEY RESULTS, CLICK HERE. For a potentially annoying and definitely subjective summary of the survey, keep reading: MYSTERIOUS Result: After 6 months of her…

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