Seattle is a city of neighborhoods.
Our neighborhoods in northeast Seattle – from Wallingford to Wedgwood – are treasures we can rediscover when we just explore outside our front door. This is “4 to Explore,” a treasure map to 4 of the best things each season: 1 shop or restaurant to visit, 1 meeting to connect with neighbors, 1 fun activity to enjoy, and 1 neighborhood issue to engage. Enjoy exploring!
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Alex Pedersen

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1 Store to Adore

Audubon Nature Shop in Wedgwood

As cooler air breezes through Northeast Seattle, you may notice flocks of birds migrating South (wishing you could join them), while other birds gather sticks to fortify nests. Winter is Coming. (We could insert a “Three Eyed Raven” joke here, but we don’t think many of our readers watch “Game of Thrones“). Curious about which local birds are staying and which are going? Explore all of the answers in this season’s “Store to Adore”: SEATTLE AUDUBON NATURE SHOP. Occupying a quaint building tucked away off 35th Ave NE (just below NE 82nd Street) in the Wedgwood neighborhood, the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop is filled with books…

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1 Meeting to Connect

The Debates for Seattle Mayor and City Council

And then there were Two. Our official prediction for November 7:  Finally a female mayor! After ongoing blasts from my 8-year old daughter for my prediction that we would celebrate a female President last year, we can finally conclude with 100% certainty that “progressive” Seattle will finally overcome its odd track record of all dude mayors for the past 100 years (though I also love Tim Burgess as mayor.) This season’s “Meeting to Connect”: THE DEBATES FOR SEATTLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL. CITY COUNCIL: Option #1 WHAT: City Council Candidates Debate WHEN: Wednesday, October 18 at 6:00 p.m. WHO: Jon Grant, Teresa Mosqueda, Lorena Gonzalez, Pat…

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1 Fun to Enjoy

Caspar Babypants Music (in U District)

Dancing kids, smiling parents, fun music. If you’ve got infants or toddlers in your family, don’t miss a concert by CASPAR BABYPANTS. This beloved band for babies often sings its way through Northeast Seattle — and they’ll be here again this season. As described on their Facebook page, “CASPAR BABYPANTS is Chris Ballew…making high quality intelligent simple acoustic music for kids and their parents to enjoy together.” “4 to Explore” wrote about Caspar Babypants back in July 2015 as part of the U Village Sounds of Summer concert series. But they are a Fun to Enjoy all by themselves. But don’t take our word for…

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1 Issue to Engage

4 Ideas to Make City Hall Listen

As published recently in Crosscut.com 4 IDEAS TO MAKE CITY HALL LISTEN. Congratulations to the surviving City Council candidates — and listen up! Residents want to know how you will listen to them — rather than to campaign donors and interest groups — if you win. Here are four ways you can empower the entire City Council to listen more: 1. Hold City Council Meetings at Night. Should city residents be required to use a vacation day to tell City Councilmembers their ideas and concerns? Of course not. So why does City Council conduct its meetings from 9 to 5…

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