Seattle is a city of neighborhoods.
Our neighborhoods in northeast Seattle – from Wallingford to Wedgwood – are treasures we can rediscover when we just explore outside our front door. This is “4 to Explore,” a treasure map to 4 of the best things each season: 1 shop or restaurant to visit, 1 meeting to connect with neighbors, 1 fun activity to enjoy, and 1 neighborhood issue to engage. Enjoy exploring!
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Alex Pedersen

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1 Store to Adore

Bulldog News on The Ave

When it’s cold outside on The Ave and you need a cozy escape with news and coffee, there’s no more informative sanctuary than BULLDOG NEWS, your neighborhood “Newsstand of the World.” Founded 35 years ago in 1983 when Ronald Reagan was in his first term as President and the Seattle Seahawks entered the football playoffs for the first time, Bulldog News quickly became an anchor retail store in the U District. During the dark months of Jan / Feb / March, explore this season’s illuminating “Store to Adore” Bulldog News in the U District. LOCATION: 4208 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 (the Ave)…

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1 Meeting to Connect

Forum on School Funding

Overcrowded classrooms make it harder to teach and learn. Schools in North Seattle continue to burst at the seams even as regressive taxes keep rising.  Yet our Seattle Mayors and City Councilmembers consistently dodge a key source of money for our schools:  Developer Impact Fees. Although we are accustomed to blaming our State officials in Olympia for poor policy and funding decisions for our public schools (much of which is still warranted), our city officials also have tools they refuse to use. Impact Fees, already authorized by State law, enable cities to charge for-profit developers a fee to help construct and renovate schools, fire stations, parks, and nearby streets…

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1 Fun to Enjoy

Cultural Fest 2018 at UW

Want to travel the world in a day? This February you can — and without leaving Northeast Seattle.  This season’s “Fun to Enjoy” is CULTURAL FEST 2018 at the University of Washington’s main campus. Cultural Fest is sponsored by the Center for Global Studies and organized by the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS). CulturalFest is really two related events: (1) the free Expo and (2) the Performances. (1) The International Expo at UW “features activities, arts and crafts, games, and hands-on learning opportunities for everyone. International students and volunteers share insights into their cultures and countries…Visitors have a unique chance to…

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1 Issue to Engage

How to Make a Real Difference in City Government

As published recently in The Seattle Weekly. HOW TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE As Tim Burgess’s service as an elected official came to an end a few weeks ago, I heard many city officials expressing gratitude for my former boss. They listed his many accomplishments during his brief service as mayor and during his leadership on the Seattle City Council. During the bittersweet farewell event, I believe I was not the only person there reflecting on what it means “to make a real difference” in city government. The answer could be a powerful guide for our new mayor as she…

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