Seattle is truly a city of neighborhoods.
Our neighborhoods in northeast Seattle – from Wallingford to Wedgwood – are treasures we can rediscover when we just explore outside our front door. This is “4 to Explore,” a treasure map to 4 of the best things each season: 1 shop or restaurant to visit, 1 meeting to connect with neighbors, 1 fun activity to enjoy, and 1 neighborhood issue to engage. Enjoy exploring!
Alex Pedersen

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1 Store to Adore

Cloud City cafe exterior - Copy

Cloud City Coffee & Cafe (in Maple Leaf)

Searching for a local cafe where the service is friendly and the bakery yummy, but it’s not Starbucks? Point your GPS over to the Maple Leaf neighborhood here in Northeast Seattle and snuggle into this month’s Store to Adore: CLOUD CITY COFFEE & CAFE. As they explain on their website, “Our mission is to provide a community gathering place for all kinds of people to enjoy food and drink together. At our café, you will find locally-roasted specialty coffee, delicious breakfast and lunch foods made in-house, friendly staff…along with all of your neighbors! We offer free Wi-Fi, comfy couches, a lending library, newspapers, games…

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1 Meeting to Connect

W Tower with homes in foreground - cropped

Forum on City Hall’s Proposed Upzone of Our U District

Does your City Hall listen? Does it seem like politicians craft plans behind closed doors, announce their position, and only then ask for your “input”? Have you attended a “community meeting” only to find it dominated by officials cheerleading their plans? When elected officials really want to know how the public feels, do they conduct a political poll instead? The most recent example may be when Rob Johnson, City Councilmember for much of Northeast Seattle, announced the $50 billion proposal for Sound Transit 3 (which would cost an “average” household nearly $400 per year). Johnson immediately tweeted his support for this new transportation tax and only then asked…

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1 Fun to Enjoy

burke museum statue

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Spring is here and that means you’ll soon crave dinosaur bones, meteorites, exotic seashells, and a capuccino, And they’re all in one Northeast Seattle location. That’s right, our “Fun to Enjoy” is the BURKE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY AND CULTURE . “The Burke is the Washington State Museum of Natural History and Culture — a place to ask questions, seek answers and be inspired,” according to their website. Exhibits range from paleontology to biology to culture.  The exhibits are so varied and complex, it’s a branding nightmare for marketing experts, but a delight for kids who would normally go comatose when after hearing the word “museum.” The only way to know is…

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1 Issue to Engage

house over homeless

Yes on the Affordable Housing Levy

When I served as a legislative aide for the City Council, I had the honor to help craft the levy for the Seattle Preschool Program. So I have seen what is required for a good levy.  That’s why I voted against the recent Parks and Transportation levies: they lacked accountability, contained unessential programs, and cost too much. But I’m voting YES for the AFFORDABLE HOUSING LEVY and here are 4 reasons why you should, too. 1. The Housing Levy can reduce homelessness. 2. The Housing Levy fills the gap. 3. The Housing Levy is NOT “HALA.” 4.The Housing Levy is Equity…

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